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Akagami no Shanks
"Listen up...You can pour drinks on me,you can throw food at me..You can even spit on me..I will just laugh that stuff off...But..good reason or not..nobody hurts a friend of mine."
Hi guys. Merry Christmas?
[Shanks/Mihawk] Encounters by Arcielfreeder

Hey guys, long time no post here! I mean a proper post. How is everyone? @u@

You guys might be wondering why I’m suddenly posting a doujinshi lmao. This is my gift for my special rp partner Taka (askmihawk/papamihawk)~ her birthday was a few days ago //sobs. Sorry I’m late about 3-4 days. I work srsly slow and I had a massive artblock for how many months. I tried my best to be able to draw something good (artwise.. coz you always say you love my drawings but storywise, I’m not sure if it’s good.. you guys know me and how I cook up stories ;w;). Anyway, I hope you like it. :)

This is a story about Mihawk’s encounters with Shanks. The ending turned out quite different than my original plan. Somehow it sounds… ominous. Well, enough spoiling! Enjoy reading. <3

P.S. I will still be in hiatus guys.. need to finish my commissions and stuff. I’ll be back… someday! Q.Q

*blows dust*

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Once upon a birthday by Arcielfreeder

Happy birthday you awesome lots! Did I make it this time? xD Random insert coz I wanted to draw Sanji in glasses+beard…


Posting this here since I’m more comfortable spamming in my own account. >v>;;

Heeeeey! Akagami here (or pretty much his OOC speaking)! As you know, I’ve been on an unmentioned hiatus since I’ve been busy irl and my tablet went to heaven. Sorry for that. >v<

Anyway, TAKA! This is my present for you— just without the fancy gift wrappers and ribbons. Err.. Took me such a long time to finish this only to end up a day late. (AKAGAMI = ALWAYS LATE)


And as usual, me and my idiotic short stories! :P I just hope that even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you still had fun (talking with me at least ubububu).

Merry Christmas, Taka. o 3 o

And to everyone, BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope you guys enjoy the short comics as well. xD <3

Told you my stories are still as idiotic as ever. :P

Since I have nothing else to do…

I will answer your questions Akagami.


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I will end you.

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Zoro-kun.. This is dangerous.

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oppianogrl reblogged your photo: Happy family outing desu~

YAYYY AW PERONAA ONLY GIRL where the hell is Ace ._.

I made a revision…

Still a happy family outing desu.

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